About Us


We are dedicated to advancing holistic business excellence and improvement practices in Australia.

We promote awareness and application of:



  1. We want our clients to say “We can take it from here”, and emphasise developing internal knowledge and capabilities within organisations. Clients should invite us back because we give valued assistance, not because they are facing a similar problem as before.
  2. Unyielding honesty and integrity defines how we work. We believe that downplaying problems greatly harms organisations, and we avoid filtering out unpleasant information in our communication with clients. Similarly, we avoid any up-front promises with no rational basis (e.g. “reduce your costs by __%”).
  3. Our role is to support the leaders who have a central and active role to play in any business transformation effort. In our experience, outcomes are significantly better when the right level of leadership is closely involved in change.
  4. We believe that informed uncertainty is preferable to misguided certainty when dealing with complex business issues. We actively avoid misleading terms such as “best practice” (unprovable, harmful, and a manipulative euphemism for “do as we say and don’t ask or think about why”).
  5. We work with clients to understand their circumstances and customise our approach accordingly. While many businesses face similar challenges, they are also unique so we avoid bringing in pre-packaged solutions.
  6. We believe that in the broad domains of business excellence and improvement, any claim of expertise requires not experience but life-long learning. If we don’t know something within the scope of our work then it is our job to research the answer, not make ourselves look authoritative by answering easier, yet unrelated, questions. We take inspiration and learn from those few who might be considered experts (such as Dr Deming who never rested on his laurels and published perhaps his most important ideas at the age of 93!)