Whether it is addressing urgent needs or preparing for the future, we can help you to change your business for the better.


Business Improvement

While we encourage businesses to develop internal capabilities, sometimes you need extra help to address current needs. We provide hands-on assistance in the areas of:

  • Improvement Projects and Problem Solving. We can facilitate the application of a disciplined change methodology, from problem definition all the way through to a sustainable resolution.
  • New Products and Services. We can assist with new undertakings, helping you to align them with customer needs by design, not by chance.
  • Performance Management. Designing or improving metrics is something we take very seriously, as we have seen many business metrics that look better while the situation is actually getting worse.


Training and Coaching

We provide modular training options customised to your specific needs. We recommend a training plan covering the three areas of:

  • Concepts (The logic underpinning business excellence and improvement)
  • Practices (Effective approaches to disciplined change)
  • Tools (Standard techniques applicable in many situations)

We have something for all levels of an organisation. As business leaders are central to the thinking that occurs throughout the organisation, a lot of our attention is on coaching them in different ways of looking at their business. When it comes to the various tools, while business leaders might not need detailed knowledge of how to use them, they need to understand why those tools are used and interpret them.


Embedding Business Excellence

As organisations are complex and varied, we take a non-prescriptive approach to business excellence. Many of the business success stories we admire would not exist had they followed generic templates. The attention of leaders is better directed to applying the business excellence concepts most relevant to the current situation of their business.

Rather than a template we offer a checkup, much like a blood test. Just as a blood test can help to find the reasons for current medical symptoms and highlight future risks, our organisational diagnostic can help to explain current business challenges and identify future ones. With this information, we can help you to design effective interventions.

Our diagnostic is designed to test for the dynamics underpinning many common business challenges and examines 38 dimensions grouped around the 4 areas of Dr Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge. We look at the thinking that takes place or is absent in your organisation and how this interacts with the visible challenges. More detailed investigation can be performed in those areas you identify as concerns.


Areas of Specialisation

We draw on a cross-disciplinary pool of knowledge from other practitioners and researchers, which helps in both understanding and addressing the various challenges and opportunities faced by businesses. Domains we have close associations to include:

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