Marcin Kreglicki

About Marcin Kreglicki

Marcin is a business improvement specialist with a passion for helping businesses be more effective. He advocates the application of evidence-based approaches to change and giving leaders an understanding of business excellence concepts relevant to their company. In support of his professional work, he is currently carrying out research on the barriers to holistic thinking in business decision-making.

One Number You Need To Forget

How accurate does a fortune-teller need to be to lure us into the belief that they have genuine abilities? If we want to believe, and hear what we’d like to hear, not much at all. A quantitative performance indicator should accurately reflect changes in business performance over time. Net Promoter Score (NPS) was devised over a decade ago and remains popular despite serious flaws.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Lean and Six Sigma

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Define Understand Improve

The Science of Improvement

Business Improvement is a collection of disciplined change methodologies, which help in gaining a sufficient understanding of a situation to assure, with an adequate degree of confidence, that a change will result in the expected level of benefits. This page aims to demystify improvement and examines the distinction between what is and is not “business improvement”.

Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge

Dr Deming was an American statistician and management consultant, remembered for his contribution to the success of post-war Japan. Perhaps the most important idea he taught was not a tool or a prescription but a different way to think about business, or as he wrote, “a map of theory by which to understand the organizations that we work in”, which Deming called the System of Profound Knowledge.

System of Profound Knowledge

Business Excellence: Customers, Employees & Business

Business Excellence

Business excellence is a foundation for competitive advantage, continuous improvement and sustainable change. More specifically, it is “a holistic paradigm of knowledge and practices, aimed at the sustainable improvement of business outcomes by integrating rather than compromising between the interdependent interests of customers, employees and the business.”