We do not believe in taking a “secret herbs and spices” approach to our work. Just as we have learnt from those who came before us, it is our responsibility to share what we know with those who follow.

There is so much to learn — anyone who takes learning seriously has no need to hide what they know. In our field the common reasons we see for keeping ideas secret are:

  • Fear of revealing that there is no substance behind the rhetoric. (Hint: it’s usually quite obvious already)
  • Fear that someone will copy it. (Hint: if what you know can be copied so easily then you haven’t learnt nearly enough)
  • Fear that blatant plagiarism of others will be revealed. (Hint: if you’re not confident enough to acknowledge the original ideas which you built on, chances are you haven’t actually built anything)

As such, we share what we know in the following ways:

  • The pages about perspectives we have found to be useful are summaries and our interpretations of what we have learned from others, which we believe can provide some useful information for those getting started. These are organised from broad to specific and linked together, so you can either read them in sequence, or if you prefer, pick a specific topic from the menu.
  • In our articles we aim to extend the established ideas and synthesise something new. Unlike the perspectives pages, the articles are not organised in any particular sequence.

We hope you find these useful. As always, let us know if you have any specific questions.

Thoughts, Examples or Questions?

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