The perspectives we work with are ways of thinking about business or its improvement. We believe that by combining multiple perspectives business leaders can make better decisions. This section of the site provides some information about the perspectives we believe are useful, how they can benefit businesses, and some tips that hopefully are useful for you the visitor. The intent here is to briefly introduce each concept, while the synthesis of multiple concepts is found in our articles. We may expand this section with a greater level of detail if there is interest, so please let us know what would be useful to you.

One of the goals here is to provide definitions. In our experience, even something that seems obvious like “improvement” can mean many things to different people. Similarly we have found that within the business excellence and improvement domain a great number of distinct, complementary and at times contradictory[1] ideas are applied. Some study of history can show reasons for many of the differences, however a detailed account thereof would be of interest only to a curious few, so we will keep things practical and limit discussion of history to the origin of the various ideas. In any case, the definitions we provide here are those that we work by and recommend to our clients.

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Optional Footnotes

1. ^ Contradictions often go unnoticed, causing unknown harm. If someone specialises in a single approach (A), they will be unaware of the contradictions with another approach (B). When someone has awareness of both approaches (A & B), they can make a more informed judgment as to which is more appropriate in a given situation. This is one of the reasons we urge business leaders to adopt a broader view of their organisation.

Put differently, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”[Unknown], even a light bulb in need of replacement…