Business Excellence

Chaos, Compliance and Excellence

If your journey requires unlearning something along the way, then either you have taken a wrong turn, or your map is wrong. In this article I examine three models of the relationship between the Business Excellence and “Command and Control” management paradigms.   1. Business Excellence as an extension When I first heard about Business […]

Compliance culture seen as one alternative path

Business Excellence: Customers, Employees & Business

Business Excellence

Business excellence is a foundation for competitive advantage, continuous improvement and sustainable change. More specifically, it is “a holistic paradigm of knowledge and practices, aimed at the sustainable improvement of business outcomes by integrating rather than compromising between the interdependent interests of customers, employees and the business.”


Whether it is addressing urgent needs or preparing for the future, we can help you to change your business for the better.   Business Improvement ✓ While we encourage businesses to develop internal capabilities, sometimes you need extra help to address current needs. We provide hands-on assistance in the areas of: Improvement Projects and Problem […]